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What Performance Should I Expect from a Pulse Plug?

The limited power of spark plugs prohibits them from completely igniting the air/fuel mixture, leaving excess fuel in the combustion chamber for the plug to burn off during self-cleaning. The powerful spark created by pulse plugs effectively burns the air/fuel mixture - making each ignition sequence more powerful and reducing the waste of costly fuel. Most users notice an immediate improvement in idling and throttle response. Enthusiastic drivers will see more torque and horsepower, while others choose to ease off the throttle and reap the benefits of increased fuel economy.

Will my Pulstar Plugs work to their full potential right away?

Today's computer-controlled vehicles constantly adapt to changing conditions and vehicle improvements. Some vehicles will learn the characteristics of pulse plugs immediately, while others may take a few tanks of gas to allow pulse plugs to work to their full potential. 

To help the computer learn and adjust to the new plugs, you can speed up the process by disconnecting the negative battery cable during installation. If you have an on-board fuel economy computer, you may want to reset it during the installation of Pulstar Plugs. Give the computer several tanks of gas to settle into an accurate average fuel economy reading. Some users are still reporting gradual improvement with each tank, even after 6-9 months.

What type of payback should I expect from my investment in Pulstar Plugs?

Even with a mileage increase of a mere 1mpg, Pulstar plugs will pay for themselves and start putting money back in your pocket within only 9 months. Of course, your savings will vary with the age and condition of your car, weather, driving habits and the rising cost of gas.

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