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What is a Capacitor?

Pulse Plug Capacitor DiagramA typical capacitor has three parts: a positive plate, a negative plate and a dielectric media. The positive plate attracts energy, the negative plate provides access to ground and the dielectric media acts as a barrier, preventing the energy from crossing between the two plates. This forces the energy to collect and be "stored" on the positive plate until the pressure of the energy is forced to find another route to ground. The energy is released rapidly, resulting in the delivery of a large amount of instantaneous power over a short period of time - creating a pulse of power.

Pulstar Pulse Plugs use a solid copper gas seal as a positive plate, slowly accumulating energy delivered by the ignition coil/wire. All spark plugs are electrically grounded by its threaded metal shell when installed in the engine's cylinder head, serving as Pulstar's negative plate. The ceramic insulator found in all spark plugs is used as part of the Pulstar capacitor, acting as the dielectric media that prevents energy from crossing from the positive plate to the negative.


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