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Pulstar IHE1H Iridium PlasmaCore Plug


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    How can horsepower, torque, and MPG be improved while reducing emissions? By burning more of the air-fuel mixture during the time allotted by the power stroke. By significantly improving the way the fuel is ignited, Pulstar Pulse technology gets more power from every drop of gasoline, using less fuel in the process. Compared to a conventional spark plug, Pulstar technology increases cylinder pressure by pushing the piston down with more force, which generates more torque to the crankshaft and more power to the wheels. If you don't use that increased torque to go faster, the engine does its work with less effort, resulting in better fuel economy. Pulstar's Fine-Wire Iridium, high-powered spark plugs feature innovations designed for high durability. Iridium, a hard, dense metal with an extremely high melting point, is an ideal material for resisting corrosion and arc erosion in today’s high-temperature engines. The fine-wire design produces a consistent and stable spark that refines the electrodynamics of the Plasmacore ignition event. The insulator is built with a sturdier profile and a more robust ceramic build that increases tensile and dielectrical strength.

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