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Is Pulse Technology Safe for My Vehicle?

As with a typical ignition sequence, the Pulstar pulse occurs within 2 nanoseconds (billionths of a second). This very brief moment is enough to ignite the fuel in the cylinder, but too brief to overheat the plug or any combustion chamber components. Pulse plugs utilize wasted energy that typically generates heat in the engine compartment, assisting in the prevention of overheating.

Pulse plugs cannot in any way harm your ECM (electronic control module). Pulse plugs have resistors in them to prevent radio frequency interference (RFI) and electro-magnetic interference (EMI).

Do I need to make any modifications to my car to use Pulstar?

No. Pulstar is a "plug and play" product with no further modifications necessary.

Will Pulstar work with other aftermarket products?

Yes. Pulstar is designed to work with most aftermarket products like ignition systems, cold air intakes and exhaust headers. In fact, it may be the most cost effective modification you can make.

More advanced engine upgrades, such as turbo or superchargers and nitrous oxide injection, are also capable of using Pulstar, provided the heat range of the Pulstar plug matches the requirements specified by the upgrade.

Can Pulstar Plugs be used with alternative fuels?

Pulstar technology is even more apparent when used with alternative fuels. Many alternative fuels like E85 and E100 ethanol, CNG (compressed natural gas) and propane require fuel delivery adjustments for the best mix of combustible fuel and air. Many dual fuel applications provide a compromise mix so that more than one fuel can be run in the same engine. This means that a less than optimum mix is delivered for ignition by the spark from the plug. With the higher concentration of energy produced by the Pulstar plug, precise timing and delivery of combustion is maintained and higher efficiency is assured.

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